“Working with Monica is an absolute pleasure, and I’m not sure where my project would be without her!
She understood what my book was going to become long before I did. She “gets it” on a level that is difficult to describe but can be felt and understood in her presence. She helped me conceptualize my direction, figure out next steps along the way, execute, and deliver.
I believe in what Monica is creating in this world. If you have the opportunity to work with Monica - do it. You work will be better for it.”
Erin McMorrow, Author, Yoga Instructor, Activist
“Launching a book as a first-time self published author, I found having Monica by my side like having a big bright flashlight to light a dim pathway.
She helped me navigate the process of gathering a launch team, planning my launch, and figuring out how to best position myself on Amazon and Kindle. Her knowledge of the publishing world and her calm demeanor made what can be a very challenging process seem way more do-able.
And best of all...it worked! Within 48 hours of launching, my book became a #1 bestseller on Amazon and in the top 10 on kindle, which led to me being pursued by a major publishing house!
I’m still in awe of how we managed to do it. All I can say is, I highly recommend working with Monica to help you successfully launch a book without going crazy!”
Mara Gleason, Co-Founder of One Solution Global and Author of One Thought Changes Everything &
“Monica LoCascio was introduced to me as a designer who could help in the completion of a book on Exit Art that was floundering. She did that and so much more.
With her design expertise, her hard-working, efficient, and pragmatic attitude, and her upbeat, optimistic spirit, she revealed not only her strengths as a designer but as a facilitator in all aspects of the design and publishing of Unfinished Memories: 30 Years of Exit Art.”
Susan Harris, Curator and Managing Editor of
Unfinished Memories: 30 Years of Exit Art
“Monica doesn’t just make the impossible possible—she makes it excellent. Several of our bestselling books from the past decade wouldn’t have made it to print without her project management expertise.”
Eric Klopfer, Senior Editor, Abrams
“Monica took over a complex book project plagued by years of delay and mismanagement and in a few short months brought it to completion. Her excellent design, management and communications skills are enhanced by her “buck stops here” approach. She was a delight to work with and I would recommend her without hesitation.”
Charles Kremer, Chair of the Board, Exit Art
“Monica’s strength and vision make her a fairy godmother to anyone who needs practical guidance, a fresh perspective and the right kind of encouragement to make their next big project happen. She is a cheerleader, editor, and organizer all in one, specializing in helping others to first understand, and then actualize their potential through the power of personal practice.”
Kiri Melbourne, Author and Kundalini Yoga Instructor
“I always say I’d rather work with someone who is diligent rather than creative, but Monica is both. Everyone has ideas, only few can materialize them.”
Phillip Sulke, Founder of Shopikon.com
“Monica is an amazingly talented individual. For me what has really stood out when I have seen her work is the energy and enthusiasm she puts towards making her projects the best they can be. She always meets deadlines and she is excellent at making sure projects are completed within budgets and per the original concept. She is a pleasure to work with and an extremely hard worker.”
Ali Ha, Director of Factory Fresh Gallery
“Monica is focused, disciplined and hard-working. She gave the impression that the work she was doing for me as a client was her top priority, that she worked with care but ALSO quickly. She was quick and creative in finding solutions to whatever problems came up — she quickly found someone to help her copy edit Arabic words, ffs. Very impressive.”
Naomi Hunt, Senior Press Freedom Adviser, International Press Institute


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