“Working with Monica is an absolute pleasure, and I’m not sure where my project would be without herShe understood what my book was going to become long before I did. She “gets it” on a level that is difficult to describe but can be felt and understood in her presence. She helped me conceptualize my direction, figure out next steps along the way, execute, and deliver. I believe in what Monica is creating in this world.

If you have the opportunity to work with Monica - do itYour work will be better for it.

Erin McMorrow, Author, Yoga Instructor, Activist

For New authors

Congratulations and welcome to publishing -- the incredibly rewarding, often gut-wrenching, and wonderfully self-actualizing process of making yourself heard.


Anyone can tell you that the process of writing a book can be difficult, but it can also be transformational. You can absolutely do it on your own, but if you want to strengthen your messaging, write faster and smarter, get your book designed, uploaded and seen, then click below so we can get started.

Whether you have an idea for a book or have just pressed save on your final manuscript, my strategies and capabilities will help you get your book made and sold.

Packages include:


Coaching to help you strengthen your messaging and keep you motivated, accountable and on track.

Writing and marketing calendar creation

Manuscript edits and reviews for content development

Cover and interior design for print and e-book formats

File formatting and management for online retailers and printing partners.

Guidance on thought leadership and launch strategies

Amazon SEO for categories, key search terms and
your author page.

Proposal writing and agent pitching.

self-publishing Strategies

Yes, it is a zoo out there.

With the overwhelming amount of blogs, webinars, experts and tutorial videos available online you could spend the next decade learning strategies to make sure your book actually gets read.

Well, I have spent the last decade learning about marketing strategies, design techniques, and workflows specific to self-publishing.


Let me help you optimize your launch, build your audience, and get your book read.

Whether you just have just pressed save on your manuscript, reacquired the rights to your previously-published title, or are a published author looking to optimize your online positioning, my strategies and capabilities will get your book and you noticed.

Packages include:


Launch strategy design.


Thought leadership and community development coaching.

Manuscript edits and reviews for content development

Cover and interior design for print and e-book formats

File formatting and management for online retailers and printing partners.

Amazon SEO for categories, key search terms and author page.


Launching a book as a first-time self published author, having Monica by my side was like having a big bright flashlight to light a dim pathway. She helped me navigate the process of gathering a launch team, planning my launch, and figuring out how to best position myself on Amazon and Kindle. Her knowledge of the publishing world and her calm demeanor made what can be a very challenging process seem way more do-able.

And best of all...it worked! Within 48 hours of launching, my book became a #1 bestseller on Amazon and in the top 10 on Kindle, which led to me being pursued by a major publishing house! I’m still in awe of how we managed to do it. All I can say is, I highly recommend working with Monica to help you successfully launch a book without going crazy!”

Mara Gleason, Author of ONE THOUGHT CHANGES EVERYTHING & Co-Founder of One Solution Global


“Monica LoCascio was introduced to me as a designer who could help in the completion of a book on Exit Art that was floundering. She did that and so much more. With her design expertise, her hard-working, efficient, and pragmatic attitude, and her upbeat, optimistic spirit, she revealed not only her strengths as a designer but as a facilitator in all aspects of the design and publishing of Unfinished Memories: 30 Years of Exit Art.”

Susan Harris, Curator and Managing Editor of Unfinished Memories: 30 Years of Exit Art

fine art publications
+ coffee table books

Designing a publication that feels like an authentic platform for your work can be a seriously intimidating endeavor. Add to that the tasks of deciding what exactly to show and then collecting and clearing the material, and you've graduated to whole new level of daunting.

Then there's the question of form. Do you try for a traditional publishing deal for a monograph with a big publisher? Create a limited-edition volume with a small printer? Scrap the big idea and create a series of booklets, posters or merchandise instead because really, wouldn't that be more fun?

And what about distribution and sales?

For over a decade I have collaborated with artists and creative entities to help them prepare, design, produce, and distribute publications that strongly resonate with their work.

Whether you are a gallery in need of a show catalogue, an artist with a desire to branch out into the publishing world or a creative wanting to create new merchandise, my strategies and capabilities will give your ideas form.

Packages include:


Consulting on what, how, and with whom to publish.

Proposal development and pitching for

traditional publishing deals.

Art directionlayout, and developmental editing services


Image organization, sourcing, commissioning, and permissions

Prepress production and file management 

Distribution strategy


“Monica’s strength and vision make her a fairy godmother to anyone who needs practical guidance, a fresh perspective and the right kind of encouragement to make their next big project happen. She is a cheerleader, editor, and organizer all in one, specializing in helping others to first understand, and then actualize their potential through the power of personal practice.”

Kiri Melbourne, Writer and Kundalini Instructor

for healers and holistic service providers

You have spent years doing the hard work (you know, the really hard work) and now it's time to step it up a notch to increase your visibility and effectiveness, and reach out to new communities with your message

The question is, how do you translate the energetic work you do to physical or digital form? Do you write a book to outline your mission in-depth? Develop courses and materials that help to build your mailing list? Produce a line of tools that embody your work?

MAKE BOOKS HAPPEN is the platform I created in direct response to my own healing process. It came to be when I learned to value my voice, recognize my power in shaping reality, and acknowledge my deep, personal dedication to affecting change in the world.


I would love to join forces to help you amplify your message.

Whether you are a coach wanting to write a book outlining your method, a healer ready to birth your first product or share your work, or a holistic service provider hoping to reach a broader audience, my strategies and capabilities will exponentially increase your reach.

Packages include:


Consulting on what and how to publish

Coaching to help you hone and strengthen your messaging

Art directionlayout, and developmental editing services

Merchandise design and production

Distribution strategies for whatever it is you want to share


“Monica doesn’t just make the impossible possible—she makes it excellent. Several of our bestselling books from the past decade wouldn’t have made it to print without her project management expertise.”

Eric Klopfer, Senior Editor, Abrams

FOR Agents, Agencies and Publishers

Fresh out of college in 2006, I landed an informational interview with the Art Director of one of the major publishers in NYC. He asked me what I wanted to focus on in the publishing arena. "Well, a little bit of everything I guess." He told me to go back to grad school and focus.


In college I had cut my teeth designing and producing school magazines, newspapers and an online publication, had a very successful internship at a major advertising company, and was passionate about publishing meaningful content. Why choose? 

A few years ago, I met with an agent in NYC. She opened the conversation with, "Well, I looked over your materials and I've never met anyone like you. You're like a one-stop-shop for our agency!" You can imagine my gratification at this full circle encounter.

I have spent the last decade working in multiple capacities within the publishing and marketing arena learning how to take projects from concept to completion with a critical eye focused on marketability and impact. From concept development and art direction, to production and image sourcing for expansive coffee table books, proposal and strategy design for large-scale sponsorship, and cover design for new novels, I relish the opportunity to partner on projects at any phase, and in any capacity.

Whether you are an agent in need of a strong sales deck for a new title, a publisher in need of a fresh cover design, or an agency looking to expand your roster of creative collaborators, my strategies and capabilities translate to meaningful, beautiful and robust materials for you and your authors.

Packages include:


Cover design

Art direction, layout, and developmental editing services

Proposal design and pitch development


Materials sourcing, commissioning, and permissions

Pre- and on-press production and file management 


“Monica is focused, disciplined and hard-working. She gave the impression that the work she was doing for me as a client was her top priority, that she worked with care but ALSO quickly. She was quick and creative in finding solutions to whatever problems came up — she quickly found someone to help her copyedit Arabic words. Very impressive.”

Naomi Hunt, Senior Press Freedom Adviser, International Press Institute

FOR activists AND CAUSE-BASED organizations

Publishing is in itself an inherently political act. We put our name on a message and we stand behind it, hoping that the meaning of our message comes through loud and clear, and in a way that will rally others to our cause.

As an individual or organization doing cause-based work you have spent an incredible amount of time honing in on your messaging, developing strategies for engagement, and developing materials to educate.

I have spent the last decade working in multiple capacities within the publishing and marketing arenas, learning to approach each new project with a critical eye focused on marketability, connection and impact.


I'll work with you to translate your most important messaging into printed materials and digital formats that resonate.

I offer severely discounted and pro bono rates to grassroots initiatives, 501c3s, and political organizations working to support the gender, racial, reproductive, and ecological rights movements.

Whether you are an NGO in need of ongoing materials support, a new grassroots project in need of a strong logo, or an established 501c3 in need of promotional materials, my strategies and capabilities translate to resonant and impactful materials for you and your cause.

Packages include:


Poster, booklet, postcard, and merchandise design

Art direction, layout, and developmental editing services for more robust publications and presentation materials

Online brand awareness and thought leadership amplification


Mailing list development and audience engagement

Speaking engagement support and procurement

Foundational brand development and growth strategy

Campaign or product launch strategies


“Monica took over a complex book project plagued by years of delay and mismanagement and in a few short months brought it to completion. Her excellent design, management and communications skills are enhanced by her “buck stops here” approach. She was a delight to work with and I would recommend her without hesitation.”

— Charles Kremer, Chair of the Board, Exit Art


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